Calls and Emails

All calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours during business days

(Monday through Friday).

That means we will:

Respond to e-mail and phone messages promptly

Follow-up with clients to ask for feedback

Make recommendations and offer solutions.

Go the extra mile to make our clients happy.

                                                         Our Team                                                                                            

Once we’ve established what we want to accomplish and how, you will be assigned a Project Manager that serves as a single point of contact. In addition, you will have access to a diverse team dedicated to your business’ growth and success. When you delegate to us, you delegate to our team of capable, proactive project managers who support your needs on a daily basis.

                                                   Fast Turn-Around                                                                                            

Project and task turnarounds vary depending on the specific requirements. We make an effort to handle all new projects and tasks within 36-48 hours after receiving the required information. We always inform you of when you can expect projects and tasks to be completed. If you make changes to the original task or project, the amount of time required to complete the project is subject to change.

                                           Project Management Tools                                                                                 

We are happy to work with your PM tool if you’ve already established a routine (ie. Basecamp, Asana, etc). We use Asana to manage your projects in the event that you don’t already have something in place.

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